Principal Trombone-Audition Repertoire

Audition Repertoire

  1. DAVID, F. Concertino for Trombone, op. 4 (unaccompanied): 1st movement.
    The 1st movement of another concerto may be substituted for the David.

2. MOZART Requiem, trombone solo from Tuba mirum

3. BERLIOZ Hungarian March, 1st trombone
meas. 89 – 114 (six meas. before reh. 4 through two meas. after reh. 5)

4. RAVEL Bolero: Rehearsal 10 -11

5. WAGNER Ride of the Valkyries: first B Major section, pickup to Rehearsal 6 through 3rd measure of Rehearsal 7

6. Rossini – William Tell Overture – from letter C to 9 after D